Sterisol® Hand Disinfectant Rinse, 85% vol. 5l

Art no. EN-5107
Public and Office

Sterisol® Hand Disinfectant Rinse is based on ethanol, which kills micro-organisms on the skin. It has glycerine and lactic acid ester additive to ensure it’s as gentle as possible on the skin. The hand disinfectant was developed to be used in work environments requiring extremely thorough hygiene.  

The Hand disinfectant forms part of the Sterisol Sweden range, with accessible products suitable for the workplace. The product can be used as a portable system for skincare, and for bulk refill.

Sterisol® Hand Disinfectant Rinse is easy to use. For hygenic handrub, begin by cupping the hands, then add enough to cover both hands (around 3 ml). Then rub in the disinfectant between the palms of your hands, fingers and around your fingertips and nails until your hands are dry. Takes around 30 seconds to apply.  

80% w/w, 85% v/v Ethanol.  

Certified in accordance with:  EN 12791 and EN 1500.

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