Sterisol® ÄKTA Liquid Soap 5l

Art no. EN-4884
Public and Office

A really good soap combines a highly effective hygienic effect with gentle ingredients. With carefully selected natural raw materials and fatty acids, the soap’s mild surfactants enable the hands to be washed very gently and effectively. Developed from the ground up at our factory in Vadstena, ÄKTA Liquid Soap contains no additional preservatives or unnecessary additives.

At Sterisol we combine care and innovation in everything we do, which is why ÄKTA contains 95% natural ingredients. ÄKTA Liquid Soap has a mild fragrance, and is Nordic Swan Ecolabelled thanks to our holistic environmental approach.

When hygiene is of the utmost importance, it’s also important to test how well a soap works in reality. The EU has three standardisation bodies which test products and protective equipment to determine their actual effectiveness. ÄKTA Liquid Soap has been approved in stringent testing in accordance with EU Standard EN 1499, and was shown to remove 99.9% of the tested micro-organisms in these procedures. This means its effects have been reliably documented.

The product forms part of the Sterisol System, featuring airtight bags that eliminate the need for preservatives in this product. The bags are easy to replace, and the dispenser, which can be purchased separately, is simple to clean, facilitating maintenance for the company.

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Product data sheets and Safety data sheets in English can be found under the product's Document 'tab. If you are looking for data sheets in other languages, you will find an extended selection through our Mediabank at the top of the page.

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