Swimming halls

Keeping a swimming pool clean and fresh is a huge challenge that requires equipment, chemicals, procedures, time, and staff. Chlorine is considered the best pool water disinfectant, but the dirtier the water, the more chlorine is required to clean it. This has garnered attention in recent years as an occupational health and safety issue for staff at swimming pools, because the by-products of chlorine can cause problems in the eyes and respiratory tract. If swimmers are clean when they enter the pool, conditions are improved for reducing chlorine content and there is also potential to lower the costs of cleaning and water.

Wet work and chemical handling entail higher risks of dryness, eczema and allergies than other kinds of jobs. For the sake of occupational health and safety and employee well-being, it is important to protect, clean and restore the skin.

Sterisol offers products that can truly make a difference for swimming pools. ULTRA Hair & Body is a hygienic cleanser for body and hair, and its mild scent and soft feel also make it attractive to users. The Sterisol System is based on collapsible bag packaging and smart dispensers, with a discharge rate of around 99%. This system reduces both plastic consumption and the time required to change the package. The Sterisol System also includes ÄKTA Liquid Soap for a very effective way to wash hands. It is approved in accordance with EU Standard EN 1499 and has been shown in tests to remove 99.9% of the tested microorganism. Because the Sterisol System is airtight and bacteria-resistant, it’s very hygienic and less additives are needed. To take care of the skin, we also offer specially formulated creams that protect and restore.

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