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In the restaurant industry, it is important to be able to be flexible between different stations without sacrificing hand hygiene. Handling goods, the cash register, counters and foods requires a versatile skincare system with a focus on food safety. This includes preventing the spread of microorganisms to food after handling money, as well as washing off oils that stubbornly remain on hands after food preparation. When hygiene requirements are high and hands must be washed regularly, the result is often stress on the skin. Sterisol’s products are developed to work together to provide a sustainable skincare system that supports occupational health and safety. The products protect, cleanse and restore the skin, which is what we call Skin Care at Work.

The Sterisol System is based on collapsible bags that are so hygienic that no preservatives are needed in many of our products. The environment is important to us, and because the bags require significantly less plastic than bottles, we minimise the use of unnecessary plastics. In the restaurant industry, we recommend ÄKTA Liquid Soap, which has a documented effect and approval in accordance with EN 1499. We also offer hand disinfectant with rehydrating properties and Sterisol SUPER Hand Cleanser, which contains a fiction agent. With our selection of skin creams, you can nourish and protect your skin from stressors.

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