Industry is a sector that involves significant stress on the skin. Demands for washing and cleansing are stringent here. Depending on the degree to which dirt is present in your work, you may need to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. Dirt and frequent washing entail a significant need to protect and rehydrate hands so that you can continue to do your job. The skincare system you choose to use at a workplace is therefore an issue of occupational health and safety.

Sterisol has over 40 years of experience in supplying skin care to industries and we have therefore developed a versatile range that we would like to recommend in particular. The range includes everything from liquid soap for lighter dirt to ORIGINAL Hand Cleanser, and SUPER Hand Cleanser, with friction agents for very tough jobs. Luphenil Pre- & After work Skin Creme is a two-in-one product that both protects against external stressors and gently refattens the skin.

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