Sterisol Skyddad Miljo 1

Food industry

Hygiene requirements are incredibly stringent in the food sector. Among other reasons, this is to prevent the spread of bacteria to foods. It is also to wash off oils that stubbornly remain on hands after handling food. When hygiene requirements are so high and hands must be washed regularly, the result is often stress on the skin. Sterisol has actively worked for many years to meet the special hygiene needs of the food sector. We also know that more than 20% of the population have dry or sensitive skin, which is twice as many as in the early 80s. Repeated washing increases the risk of skin problems, allergies and eczema.

Choosing a skincare system for the workplace is an issue of occupational health and safety. Our products are divided into three steps which protect, cleanse and care for the skin in order to prevent eczema and other skin problems. The Sterisol System is based on collapsible bags that are so hygienic that preservatives are not needed in many of our products. The environment is important to us, and because the bags require significantly less plastic than bottles, we minimise the use of unnecessary plastics.

Suitable products