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Skin problems occur widely across many industry sectors and are a common cause of sickness absence. We want to create the very best skincare for working environments and our philosophy is simple: all our products’ ingredients have a function and contribute to better health. This is why we are curious and work close to the branches we deliver to -Skincare at Work means to care for our customers.



For those working in industry, where the skin is exposed to extreme stress, effective washing and cleaning routines are fundamental.

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Food industry

The food industry has stringent demands when it comes to hygiene, mainly in order to prevent bacteria spreading to food products.

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In a sector where hygiene can be critical, regularly washing and disinfecting the hands is essential.


Swimming halls

Keeping the swimming pool clean is a big challenge that requires time, staff, chemicals and equipment.

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In the restaurant industry, it is important to be able to move flexibly between different workstations without compromising hand hygiene.



You meet different people in public spaces and offices and you may work close together. This makes taking care of personal hand hygiene even more important.