Our sustainability work consists of three areas: Caring for people at work, Caring for our environment and Caring for Sterisol. These areas reflect our vision and mission and permeate the entire company. We support the UN’s global Sustainable Development goals through our sustainability efforts in accordance with Agenda 2030.


We Take Action

Agenda 2030 is a UN program with 17 sustainable development goals. These goals aim to make human rights a reality for all, to achieve gender equality and to strengthen the rights and opportunities of all women and girls. The goals are a cohesive and indivisible whole in which balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economy, well-being and surroundings. Sterisol stands behind these goals and have accordingly chosen to present and implement a sustainability strategy to show how we are going to realize them.

Responsibility for our employees

We have a zero tolerance for workplace accidents.

We strive for an equal distribution of men and women in all organizational levels.

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Plastics Recyclable/

100% recyclable and recycled materials in our hard plastic packaging.

100% recyclable plastic laminates used in our Sterisol System.

Sustainable Business

We always strive for continuous improvement in everything we do.

Continuous product development of newproducts.

We contribute to a sustainable region.