Sterisol Äkta

Sterisol® System

Health, functionality and the environment

We created the Sterisol® System in order to improve health and well-being in workplaces. Our unique airtight dosage valve eliminates the need for preservatives in many products, and our packaging solutions are better for the environment. Sterisol provides a wide range of products which protect, clean and care for your skin gently and effectively.

Three steps to more healthy skin

Sterisol’s products are designed to be used together to promote better hygiene, health and well-being and reduce the risk of skin problems in your workplace.


Your skin will be more resistant to stress if you use products which provide the best protection before the working day begins. For example, Sterisol offers a range of soft, refattening skin creams.


Washing and disinfecting the hands regularly is essential in many professions. We offer a wide range of preservative-free, gentle, environmentally friendly products to combat everything from light to extreme dirt.


At the end of the working day you need products which care for the skin and help it recover from the stresses it is exposed to. We offer a range of products for showering and cleaning the body and hair.


With a dosage pump and valve which opens and closes without air and bacteria entering the packaging, there’s no need for preservatives. This makes our products more gentle on the skin.


Our packaging solutions are based on a vacuum system and collapsible bags which enable them to be emptied at a rate exceeding 98%. This means disposing of less of the product and packaging, which is better for the environment.


We offer products in the following sizes: 375 ml, 700 ml, 2.5 l and 5 l. Our durable, easy-to-use dispensers come in a range of models, including manual, electronic and motion-activated functions.