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Sterisol Stories

The historical town of Vadstena is home to a factory where the future is the focal point, and the views are of clean water.

There is an unmistakable spirit at Sterisol which ensures many who have been here a long time stay with the company, and a wealth of young people want to start working here. Sterisol is exceptional due to the pride we have in our products which is channelled into our work. Nothing is left to chance, whether it relates to quality, the environment or consideration for each other. Because we are the ones who make the products. There is a strong sense of teamwork which has been forged over the decades because our headquarters, development and factory are located on the same site.

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Shutterstock 692631241

Our core values are Care and Innovation, underpinned by us, the people. We want our products to be made by people, and for people. Visit our canteen at lunchtime and you will find office workers, factory employees and the odd person in a laboratory gown amid a pleasant buzz of Östergötland dialects.

We have what could be the most beautiful view in the Swedish manufacturing industry from our factory windows. Being close to water also brings with it a responsibility and commitment to our surroundings, which is why we carry out extensive environmental measures that are clearly evident in our final products. We are proud to be able to offer our customers the very best in skincare.