For health and the environment

1977 saw Sterisol launch the market’s first disposable system for soap – the Sterisol System. The famous “blue bag” had been created. Behind this innovation were several years of development and a strong determination to improve the everyday lives of all working people. By creating an airtight and bacteria-resistant system, Sterisol was able to supply liquid soap containing no preservatives and other additives which irritate the skin and may cause allergies and eczema. Sterisol’s packaging can almost be 100% emptied, substantially reducing environmental impact compared with other types of packaging.

Made In Sweden

A tradition of innovation

Concern for working people and long-term environmental consideration are combined through a unique Swedish innovation. We have cut no corners along the way. For us, the way our customers use our products has always been our top priority, and over the years we have built up considerable knowledge about skincare management within industry, food processing and healthcare, for example. Being curious and innovative is part of our business concept, which is why we always try to learn from every industry we come into contact with.

Close to the water

Since the start of the 1980s, the Sterisol factory has been based in Vadstena, on the banks of Lake Vättern. Almost all our products are developed and manufactured from the ground up here, and we undergo quality testing before, during and after production to ensure they make the grade. Being close to water also brings with it a responsibility and commitment to our surroundings, which is why we carry out extensive environmental measures that are clearly evident in our final products. We are proud to be able to offer our customers the very best in skincare.

Sterisol Äkta